CHB Academic Centers

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Preschool - Sarah Russell

This year we will work on seasonal themes, sign language, shapes, colors, the numbers 1-10, and the upper case alphabet.  Every Monday we will begin with about 10 minutes of free play followed by our “meeting” (circle time).  This is an opportunity to work on paying attention and sitting still.  I will read a story or two and allow time for show-and-tell. Then we will discuss our plan for the afternoon.  During our 3 hours together we will also have snack time, art, singing, movement, and other activities that enhance fine motor and pre-writing skills.

Nature Explorers  -  Nikole Christensen

We’ll have fun each week learning about some aspect of nature using the seasons to organize our subjects. Expect lots of leaf collecting in the fall, some weather study in the winter, bird observation in the spring, etc. Each week, we’ll read a story book aloud and draw, paint or craft something related. We’ll also sing nature-themed songs and learn some poems celebrating the creations of God.

Biomes of the World - Hannah Kamau and Diane Chisholm

Students will travel around the world discovering the different biomes and all that they contain. We will have fun learning about the plants, animals, climate, and so much more that make each of Earth's biomes unique.


Gym class is a great way to get your kids hears pumping! We will be playing very active games (i.e. relays, parachute games, obstacle courses, etc.) while having a great time with friends. We will also be learning about fitness, nutrition, and talk about subjects pertaining to overall general health

Art History - Adrienne Carroll

We'll study 16 different artist (8 per semester) and recreate their artwork using a variety of different media.

Traveling the Globe - Alicia Hall

Grab your passport and visit a different country every week.  We will explore different countries through music, dress, food, flags, and much more.

Famous People of Character - Cathy McEachern

This year in Famous People of Character we will learn about famous people from different walks of life who used a particular positive character trait in order to succeed. These are everyday people who lived their lives as an example for those who will come after them.

Kentucky Geography - Michelle Lavin

World War 1 and World War 2 - Nikole Christensen

This class will learn about the countries involved in both world wars, what caused the wars and how they ended. We’ll also focus on what life was like for citizens in different countries during the war. We’ll cover some big issues including the Holocaust, the atomic bombs dropped on Japan, the Russian revolt, and internment camps and consider the moral consequences of these decisions by nations’ leaders. We’ll use maps to see where the fighting took place. And we’ll learn about the important leaders of the countries involved.

Missionary Biographies - Cindy Crissman

We will read through one or two of the Christian Heroes Then and Now books from YWAM publishing each semester.  We will learn about how these heroes made a difference, do some map work that pertains to the areas discussed in the books and have discussion in class.  No need to purchase the books they will be handed out in class.

Anatomy and Physiology - Dawn Webb

We will be looking at the Human body for this class. We will look at different types of body cells, skeletal, muscular, digestive, respiratory, cardiovascular, nervous, integumentary, lymphatic, and immune systems. Classes will be mostly activity based along with some dissection done by the teacher including sheep heart and brain and pig eye. There will be some minimal homework assignments over the course of the year. An optional book, Exploring Creation with Anatomy and Physiology, by Jeannie Fulbright may be purchased. A list of readings will be given to parents who wish to do this.