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Art History

Christy Newman
Recommended Grade Levels: 9-12

It has been said that “a picture is worth a thousand words.”  The Master and His Apprentices contains over 600 images. As a result, the combination of brilliant images and informative text creates a unique and compelling timeline of world events.

NO nudity or other objectionable material — simply scholarly material in a reader-friendly format. Furthermore, this work doubles as an invaluable reference for other subjects

The Master and His Apprentices begins with Creation and God as the Master artist before delving into the following periods:
  • Ancient Cultures: Ancient Near East, Egyptian and Aegean
  • Classical Antiquity: Early Greek, Etruscan and Roman
  • Middle Ages: Medieval & Islamic, Early Christian & Byzantine, Romanesque and Gothic
  • Renaissance: Proto-Renaissance, Early Italian Renaissance, High Italian Renaissance and Northern Renaissance
  • Baroque and Beyond: Baroque, Rococo to Today (modern art summary) and Global Highlights (non-Western art summary)

This class is designed to give students a solid foundation in the history of art. Over a dozen different periods/cultures and the art that came from each will be discussed. Students should be able to identify these periods and their similarities/differences by the end of the course. This class will count for a full Elective credit .

Required Texts:
Textbook : The Master and His Apprentice can be found at  *please note you can purchase the "download" but please make sure students have a way to access the book for class, there is also a scratch and dent on the website where you can get the book for 99.00 (add to cart and it will come up)

$100 per semester + $10 copy fee per semester (payable to instructor on 1st day of class)