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Dawn Webb
Recommended Grade Levels: 9-10

High School Biology covers the basics of living things. We will cover topics from the cellular including the chemistry related to living organisms and cell structure and functions. We will also look at different plant and animal structures and functions. Dissection and basic Biology labs will be a part of this course. Students will need a basic dissection tool kit which can be obtained from  as well as a set of colored pencils at home to complete some assignments. Specimens will be provided as part of your lab fee.  

Lab work for this course will be conducted at 8:30 a.m. on preassigned lab days. Please be aware that students will need to arrive at NHA half an hour earlier than usual on scheduled lab days.

Required Texts:

BJU Press Biology 4th edition Student Text

BJU Press Biology Lab Manual 

A basic dissection tool kit which can be obtained from for under $10. 

A basic set of colored pencils for completing diagrams in study guides and on tests

$125 per semester

$15 lab fee