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Church History

Nikole Christensen
Recommended Grade Levels: 7-8 (9th grade welcome)

In this course we will be reading about the lives of early church members who stood up for their faith through extreme persecution and who held firm to the teachings of the Bible in resistance to false doctrines. We will have a better understanding of church doctrine and worship styles. We will discuss the reformation and the development of the protestant denominations. The History Lives series goes all the way from the Apostle Paul to modern missionaries.


Each week students will be reading 2-3 chapters and answering reading response questions. Classroom lectures will review the historic timeframe of the events discussed in our readings and class discussion will focus on the development of church doctrine through the ages. 

Prerequisites: While we will review world history events as they related to the church's development through the ages, it is helpful for students to have completed some world history study in advance, especially focusing on the Roman Empire through the Renaissance since that is when the church grew and developed around the world.

Required Texts:

History Lives Vol. 1: Peril & Peace, Chronicles of the Ancient Church
    History Lives Vol. 2: Monks & Mystics, Chronicles of the Medieval Church
      History Lives Vol. 3: Courage & Conviction, Chronicles of the Reformation Church
        History Lives Vol. 4: Hearts & Hands, Chronicles of the Awakening Church

        All volumes by Mindy and Brandon Withrow

        $125 per semester