CHEB Academic Centers

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We are currently planning to begin in-person classes for the 2020 fall semester for our NHA and Learning Zone programs on Aug. 17. We will have a Labor Day break and a holiday on the Monday following Thanksgiving, and our final two weeks of the fall semester will be conducted entirely online.

In order to keep our students safe, the leaders and weekly volunteers will be disinfecting commonly touched surfaces throughout the facility before, during, and after classes each week. We are streamlining the check-in process for all ages and including weekly temperature checks. And everyone will be required to wear masks whenever they are entering the building, moving through the halls and interacting closer than 6 feet. Student seats will be placed 6 feet apart in every classroom and masks may be removed once they are all seated.

Any student who presents with temperature greater than 100.4 will be asked to return home, along with all their family members. Any student who is asked to leave due to high temperature must show a doctor’s excuse stating alternate causes of fever (eg. Ear infection, strep throat) OR stay home for 14 days. Family members are exempt if an alternate cause of fever is determined.

We can keep students’ chairs 6 feet apart only if we don’t use tables in some of our classrooms. Therefore, we’re asking all students to bring their own portable desk or tray table to use throughout the day. Many of the chairs in our classrooms have arms and would not work well with lap desks, so a standing table/desk is the best option. NHA will have a few extra tables to borrow in an emergency and we will be trying to collectively purchase some tray tables to keep the cost down (approximately less than $15). Students will be responsible to bring their desks from room to room and back again each week. We do not have room at TCC to store these supplies.

Students will be asked to help sanitize their chairs at the end of each class and use hand sanitizer during the class change process.

The biggest change in our lunch time routine this year is that students will not be allowed to leave the building (no trips to Speedway or parking lot football toss breaks). Students will be eating their lunch in small groups spread out among our classrooms. They can join their friends in small groups as long as they do not exceed each room’s maximum capacity and maintain their chairs at safe distances.

Students may not use the refrigerator or microwave (special exceptions may be made for medicines) since we cannot guarantee that these surfaces have been disinfected beforehand. Students will also be asked to help wipe down chairs and clean up their lunch debris at the end of our break.

There will be no parent room this year. Only instructors will be allowed to remain in the building during class hours.

Families may make changes to their enrollment status before July 24 and will be refunded their fees, minus $25. Students who become unable to attend in-person classes mid-semester due to health concerns may request special accommodations to continue their studies. Parents should contact Christy Newman at with these requests.

Students in Dawn Webb’s classes will meet in person at TCC on Mondays. However, Mrs. Webb is unable to attend in person and will be delivering her lessons to the group electronically. She will either pre-record her lesson or join the group via Zoom. An adult will be on hand to provide additional supervision.

The Code of Conduct will be amended to include a COVID-19 waiver of liability statement which must be signed before students begin classes.