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Prealgebra, Algebra 1 & 2, Geometry

Elizabeth Lin
Recommended Grade Levels: 10-12* (9th grade welcome)

Geometry introduces students to theory and application of formal and informal reasoning as well as to synthetic, coordinate, and transformational approaches. This flexible and comprehensive course emphasizes and integrates logical reasoning and spatial visualizations. Topics include the following: Points, Lines, Planes, and Angles; Deductive Reasoning; Parallel Lines and Planes; Congruent Triangles; Quadrilaterals; Inequalities in Geometry; Similar Polygon; Right Triangles; Circles; Constructions and Loci; Areas of Plane Figures; Areas and Volumes of Solids; Coordinate Geometry; and Transformations. Our time in class is limited, so we will focus on introduction of the material and practice in class each week. Practice exercises will generally be completed at home. In the interest of time, I will send the chapter tests home, but they should be taken without using books or notes. To do otherwise would be cheating.  This course is recommended for high school or advanced middle school students who have already successfully completed Algebra 1..

Parents will be provided with an answer key for daily assignments to ensure timely feedback for students. Parents and students are expected to grade daily assignments at home and maintain homework grades. Tests will be turned in to the instructor for grading. Homework grading is available for an addition fee of $75 per student per semester.

All courses are rigorous and taught at an advanced level. Only parents and students who are comfortable working on their own should enroll.

Prerequisites: Successful completion of a standard algebra 1 program.


Geometry By: Jurgenson, Brown, Jurgenson ISBN: 978-0-395-97727-9

$125 per semester
$75 optional grading fee