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High School Language Arts

English classes at NHA are literature driven. Students read entire novels rather than exerts and are expected to keep up with class reading schedules and participate in class discussions. English Essentials and English Foundations focuses on American and British classics. English Essentials and Foundations are designed for 9th and 10th graders and may be taken in any order as best fits your schedule. British Literature & Composition and American Literature & Composition are taught on a rotation. Students read a wide variety of classic literature and further their writing skills to prepare for advanced studies.

All high school English classes continue grammar practice to strengthen students' writing skills and to help prepare students for standardized testing. Writing assignments in English classes focus on literary topics, while upper-level students also learn to write both an MLA and APA research paper.

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English Essentials

English Foundations

British Literature and Composition (not offered in 2022-2023, tentative for 2023-2024)

American Literature and Composition