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High School Science

While there is no set order to high school science instruction, there are definitely courses that rely heavily on understanding math concepts. For example, chemistry students should have had or be taking Algebra 1 to understand all the scientific calculations. And physics students need the more advanced concepts taught in Algebra 2. Anatomy students should already have taken biology to understand the basic classification systems and cell function. 

It is also recommended that students participate in at least 2 science lab courses. NHA Biology, Environmental Science and Chemistry courses all include labs. Students may also supplement these with lab courses taught elsewhere such as the homeschool labs available at Asbury University.  

Recommended for Grades 9-10

Recommended for Grades 11-12


Environmental Science

(prerequisite Biology)

Chemistry (not offered in 2022-2023, tentative for 2023-2024)


Anatomy/Physiology (not offered in 2022-2023, tentative for 2023-2024)