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Learning Zone

Welcome to the Learning Zone information page. Learning Zone is a ministry provided to the CHEB membership. You must be a current member of CHEB and home schooling full time in order to participate in Learning Zone.

Learning Zone meets on Monday afternoons and runs for 14 weeks in the fall and 16 weeks in the spring semester. Children age 6 by August 1, through 5th grade are invited to attend. The courses are determined by the leadership each year based on available teachers and there is not an option to choose specific classes. 

Learning Zone follows a true co-op model. We do pay the teachers a $15/class/student fee to help offset their supply costs. Everyone is required to contribute time each week.

Preschool class is only available to CHEB members with siblings enrolled in Learning Zone (elementary) or New Horizons Academy (middle and high school) classes. Our preschool class is meant to be a service for the parents volunteering in other classrooms rather than a stand-alone preschool program.