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Literature B

Gladie Green
Recommended Grade Levels 6-7

This course is designed to encourage readers to discover books throughout world history. We will read and analyze award-winning novels throughout the year. Writing assignments will be based on topics in the novels. There will be weekly assignments based on the novels as well as in-class dictations to strengthen listening and grammar skills. We will incorporate vocabulary development in our analysis of the novels.

Required Texts for Fall:

Mara, Daughter of the Nile, Eloise Jarvis McGraw
    Hittite Warrior, Joanne Williamson
      Myths and Folk Tales Around the World, Robert R. Potter
        Archimedes and the Door of Science, Jeanne Dendick
          The Bronze Bow, Elizabeth George Speare
            Son of Charlemagne, Barbara Willard
              Adam of the Road, Elizabeth Jane Gray
                The Beduins’ Gazelle, Frances Temple

                Required Texts for Spring:

                The Samurai’s Tale, Erik Christian Haugaard
                  In Search of Honor, Donna Lynn Hess
                    The Good Master, Kate Seredy
                      Angel on the Square, Gloria Whalen
                        Year of Impossible Goodbyes, Sock Choi
                          I Am David, Anne Holm
                            Chu Ju’s House, Gloria Whelan
                              The Breadwinner, Deborah Ellis

                              $125 per semester
                              $5 copy fee