CHEB Academic Centers

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Preschool - Sarah Russell

In Preschool, we like to focus on the seasons, children's literature and creative play. Every day we will have circle time when we learn the months and days of the week and we read a book. At the end of the day during song time we sing fun songs with hand and body movements. Our room has lots of fun toys, puzzles and books. Preschool should be fun and every day we strive to make it that!

Hot Wheels® Speedometry™ Class - Diane Chisholm

(1st Semester)  Class Fee: $10

Join us in our STEM course designed to teach concepts such as energy, force, and motion in an engaging, hands-on manner.  Students will develop competencies in the five "E's" (Engage, Explore, Explain, Elaborate, and Evaluate) as they learn about kinetic and potential energy and variables that influence the outcomes of their investigations.  Students will also practice measurement skills and analyze and interpret data gathered in their investigations. This course will encourage scientific reasoning and real life application of scientific concepts.

2nd Semester-TBA    Class Fee: TBA

Gym - Jacob Fertig

Gym class is a great way to get your kids hears pumping! We will be playing very active games (i.e. relays, parachute games, obstacle courses, etc.) while having a great time with friends. We will also be learning about fitness, nutrition, and talk about subjects pertaining to overall general health

Paper crafting/Music - Nikole Christensen

Class fee: $1

(1st semester) Paper crafting will teach students critical tactile skills including measuring, folding, and cutting to create various paper creations each week. We'll begin with projects featured in the book Paper Sloyd, a method of paper crafting utilized by Charlotte Mason, and move on to more modern projects as our growing skills allow. 

(2nd semester) Children love to sing and make a joyful noise. We'll learn about singing with beautiful voices, matching pitch, singing in the round and harmony as we learn favorite American folk songs. 

Who Are the People in Your Neighborhood? - Melissa Kramer

Class Fee: $10

This semester we will be learning about different people in our neighborhood.  We will welcome a variety of visitors who will share with us what they do, some of the tools they use to do their job and why their job is important to our community.  This class will be interactive and fun! Who will we meet in our neighborhood?

If you were alive in the time of... - Cathy McEachern

Class fee: $10

We are taking a trip through time in this class and investigating what life life would  have been like during certain periods of history. We will study a little about daily life and think about what it would really be like during that particular time in history.

Old Testament History - Alicia Hall

Class Fee: $10

Supply list:  Colored pencils or crayons, Pencil, Ruler, Scissors, Stick glue, and 3 rolls scotch tape (only need to bring one at a time)

We will be studying the Old Testament and how the biblical and historical timelines match up.  We will also be covering the cultural, historical, and social attitudes of that time period. As we study, we will be discovering all the times Jesus is spoke of in the OT. Each student will be creating their own timeline.  Some of our hands on activities will include participating in a traditional biblical feast, building the ark of the covenant, designing a challah and lots of other things!

Composter Study - Elizabeth Stapleton

After learning about the basics of different eras of classical music (Baroque, Classical, Romantic, etc), each week we will listen to music by different composers, learn about their lives, and do fun activities.  Hopefully by the end of the year the kids will be able to play “name that tune” when listening to classical radio and at least guess the correct era, if not also the composer!

Insects, Spiders, Crustaceans...Oh My! - Christy Newman

Class Fee: $25

This year we will be diving into the crawly world of Arthropods. What is a Arthropod? What is an Insect? Is there a difference? We will figure out the answer to that and so much more with lots of hands on activities, books to read and a notebook we will work on all year. We will also get an up close look at different specimens with a microscope.

Oceanography - Dawn Webb

Class Fee: $20

We will be studying the ocean, its tides, properties of water, currents, and its many creatures. We will also look at freshwater ecosystems. Class will include hands on activities as well as some dissection. The class will generally follow topics in Apologia’s Book Exploring Creation with Zoology 2: Swimming creatures of the Fifth Day. Parents have the option of purchasing and following along in the textbook but it is not required. Materials fee is $20/semester.