CHEB Academic Centers

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Preschool/Kingergarten - Stephanie Gifford

In Preschool, we like to focus on the seasons, children's literature and creative play. Every day we will have circle time when we learn the months and days of the week and we read a book. At the end of the day during song time we sing fun songs with hand and body movements. Our room has lots of fun toys, puzzles and books. Preschool should be fun and every day we strive to make it that!

Gym - 

Gym class is a great way to get your kids hears pumping! We will be playing very active games (i.e. relays, parachute games, obstacle courses, etc.) while having a great time with friends. We will also be learning about fitness, nutrition, and talk about subjects pertaining to overall general health.

TBD - Melissa Kramer and Brianna Legg

Class Fee: $15

Description TBD

Art - Adrienne Carroll

Class fee: $15

This class will allow students to nurture their creative side to flourish! They’ll be doing a variety of different hands-on projects using many types of media

Science - Dawn Webb

Class Fee: $15

Astronomy class will look at the solar system in detail as well as stars, galaxies, and space travel this year. We will explore these areas through mostly hands on activities but also some reading and worksheets will be completed in this class. We will base our study of Astronomy on the book Exploring Creation with Astronomy by Jeannie K. Fulbright. The textbook is NOT required. Families do have the option though of following along with the textbook at home. Students are asked to bring a writing utensil to each class as well as a simple two pocket folder they can transport projects back and forth to home.