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Marine Biology

Cindy Crissman
Recommended Grade Levels: 10-11 (12th welcome)

Marine Biology is an upper-level high school course requiring knowledge of general biology and assumes that students have previously participated in biological lab activities such as experiments, dissections, and microscopy.

Water covers 72% of our planet and makes up close to 99% of the living space on Earth. In this class we will journey to the farthest depths of the ocean to explore life that exists in the most unlikely places. We will learn how ocean ecology is essential to our existence. God's oceans are an amazing ecosystem full of fascinating, even bizarre creatures with cool abilities that are extremely intriguing. 

Prerequisite: Students are recommended to have completed Biology before taking this course.

Required Texts and Materials:  

Exploring Creation with Marine Biology, 2nd Edition, by Sherri Seligson

Exploring Creation with Marine Biology student notebook

basic dissection tool kit

# Apologia used curriculum FaceBook pages may be a good source for the textbook and possibly even the student notebook.

# On days with labs, class may go until 4 p.m.

$125 per semester + $15 lab supply fee