CHEB Academic Centers

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Higher Level Math

Secondary math instruction builds upon the foundations of sound elementary math skills. It is a progressive learning experience and can not be done out of order. However, because our co-op is not always able to provide upper level math instruction every year, we believe it is acceptable to study geometry and algebra 2 in any order. 

The biggest question most parents have about math is "When should my child begin prealgebra?" There are many placement tests available online or through Elizabeth Lin, our math instructor, to help you decide when to begin. Students at NHA may begin Prealgebra as early as 6th grade and as late as 9th grade. The beauty of home instruction is that parents can craft the learning experience individually to keep each of their students challenged and on the path to learning.


Algebra 1

Geometry  (not offered in 2022-2023, tentative for 2023-2024)

Algebra 2