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Modern American and World History

Nikole Christensen
Recommended Grade Levels: 7-8

This course will be taught in tandem with Middle School Modern American and World Literature. Students may elect to take only the history course, but it is advised to take both the history and literature course to get the fullest understanding of the period. Students will learn about the period of history from the mid-19th century through modern day including the American Civil War, both World Wars, the spread of communism, the civil rights movement, and modern international conflicts. Students will read biographies and nonfiction works to engage with the history of their world.

Students may expect weekly reading assignments along with reading response questions for homework. Periodic writing assignments will be based on ideas discussed in class, and the writing process for history essays will be modeled. 

Required Texts and Materials:
All American History Vol. 2: The Civil War to the 21st Century, Celeste W. Rake,
ISBN-13: 978-1-892427-42-7
3-ring binder

Tentative Additional Reading:
Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass, Frederick Douglass
Theodore Roosevelt, Genevieve Foster
The Diary of Anne Frank
Unbroken, Adapted for Young Adults, Laura Hildebrand
Stealing Home: The Story of Jackie Robinson, Barry Denenberg
Ronald Reagan: Our 40th President, Winston Groom

$125 per semester