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Coding: Javascript

Justin Hall
Recommended Grade Levels: 6-8

This class will cover software development concepts and practical applications using Scratch. The focus of the class is to increase the Student's Computational Thinking and Design Thinking thru Project Based Learning and Constructivism. Students will be asked to ideate, collaborate, and display an understanding of the key concepts learned in class. Students will work on problems throughout the semester and choose from a list of final semester projects that they will be asked to build, demo, and explain thoroughly for a final grade.  Projects include Art, Music, Game Design, Mobile App, and Various Games.

This class will be taught entirely online. A weekly Meetup will include a roll call and a quick session. All of the curriculum is online and self-supported with videos, documentation, and examples. Students will be able to ask questions via Schoology if they get stuck. Meetups will be scheduled outside of regular NHA hours.

Required Materials:
Students will need a laptop computer running Mac OSX or Windows 10 with Google Chrome
Students will sign up for MIT Scratch, Thunkable, and Construct accounts

$100 per semester