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Middle School History

Beginning in the logic stage, the study of history becomes the backbone of classical education. Reading, art, music, and even science to some degree are organized around the outline provided by history. History is the training ground where the student learns how to organize and evaluate information.

Susan Wise Bauer - The Well-Trained Mind

History classes in middle school are a great place for students to learn good study skills, note-taking, and essay writing. As they learn about the events of the past which continue to shape our world today, students will simultaneously improve their reading comprehension, writing skills, and understanding of political and societal concepts. Students may expect regular reading assignments, mapping work, projects, writing assignments, and exams in all NHA history courses.

Recommended for Lower Middle Grades

Recommended for Upper Middle Grades

Kentucky History

US History

US Geography

(not offered in 2021-2022)

Ancient History

(not offered in 2021-2022)

World Geography


(not offered in 2021-2022)

Medieval History

(not offered in 2021-2022)

Modern American & World History*

Church History