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Middle School Language Arts

Language arts is a good place to introduce your 5th or 6th grader to outside instruction in a core subject. The English courses at NHA focus on grammar, vocabulary building, and writing technique. English 5/6 is designed to accommodate a 5th or a 6th grade student by using two levels of grammar workbooks, while the writing activities can strengthen either grade's skill set. Students may want to take English 5/6 and consequently English 7/8 two years in a row to complete both levels of grammar.

Because learning to write well is such an important skill to develop in middle school, we believe it is important to offer literature classes as a separate language arts class rather than trying to shoehorn it into the time allotted for English classes. Currently, we offer courses that focus on Sonlight and Beautiful Feet literature selections. Sonlight's Literature A-D courses offer four years of gradually increasing leveled reading selections with writing assignments focusing on literary elements. These classes also include in-class dictation exercises to strengthen listening skills. The Beautiful Feet literature courses focus on learning about an historical era through beautiful literature. These courses will also include writing assignments focused on literary elements such as character analysis, plot development, and theme.

Recommended for Lower Middle Grades

Recommended for Upper Middle Grades

Literature A

(not available in 2021-2022)

Literature C

(not available in 2021-2022)

Early American Literature

(not available in 2021-2022)

Medieval Literature

(not available in 2021-2022)

Ancient Literature

(not available in 2021-2022)