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Middle School Science

Middle school grades are an excellent time to learn how to study, how to take notes, and how to organize your own schedule. In short, it is a time for learning how to learn. Middle school science courses are fundamental in that process. While much of the material covered in introductory chemistry or life science will be repeated in high school courses, the students who have been introduced to these subjects and learned the fundamental process of scientific thinking, theorizing, experimentation, and classification will be empowered to succeed in high school science studies. 

Our science classes are taught on a two-year rotation with a lower-grade class and an upper-grade class offered each year. They may be taken in any order.

Recommended for lower middle grades

Recommended for upper middle grades

Intro to Chemistry/Physics

(not offered in 2021-2022)

Earth Science and Astronomy

Life Science

Physical Science

(not offered in 2021-2022)