CHEB Academic Centers

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1.) What is this program about?

We strive the serve the homeschoolers of every age through high school. We aim to offer core and elective courses that assist parents in educating their students with a Christian world view.

2.) When do you meet?

We will meet Monday afternoons with classes beginning at 9 am to 4 pm.

3.) Where do you meet?

We meet at Tates Creek Christian Church.

4.) What courses do you offer?

Each year we offer Writing, Science, History, and Math courses. These are core courses. We also offer Latin, as well as an electives such as geography or art/music. Each student may choose which courses to take, there is no minimum. 

5.) What are the differences between the programs?

NHA is a university model school with core courses for grades 5th - 12th. We assign weekly work, grade the work, and offer course grades 2 times a year. These courses are not enrichment, but core. The courses generally cost more due to the nature and depth of the instruction, at $100-$125 per semester per course for early registration with additional fees for science and art. In addition, there are required textbooks and materials that are the parents responsibility to purchase/borrow before the first day of classes. The courses meet for 16 weeks per semester.

6.) What about volunteer time?

NHA requires minimal volunteer time. You will be assigned to the cleaning crew once per year.  Your family will be responsible for cleaning the classrooms following NHA classes.  This should take around one hour.