CHEB Academic Centers

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 Information and Policy Guidelines: You Must Read to Progress to Registration Forms

1.) We offer CORE courses and electives. Our CORE courses are meant to replace your home curriculum for that subject not as a supplement. Of course, the decision to add on to our assignments is yours based on what you know about your student(s).

2.) Plan to spend between 20 minutes to 2 hours each school day per course depending on the subject and student's academic strengths. This is important that you understand there will need to be time given each day to NHA work. Our purpose is to offer a high quality education for each student. The parent's responsibility is to make sure that time is allotted for study. It is the student's responsibility to be diligent. This is especially true for our math courses.

3.) We ask that you have reliable internet and printer capabilities throughout the year. We understand that technology is not perfect and there may be times when it is acting up. We will work through that with you. Because we offer low priced courses, teachers cannot be expected to provide weekly copies for the students.  Students must bring appropriate copies to class as instructed by teachers.  Also, course work will not be accepted via email unless approved by the instructor.

4.) There are no refunds if a course is dropped after 3 weeks. The teachers have invested in curriculum based on the total number enrolled. There will be partial refunds the first 2 weeks. Please do not enroll your child unless you are committed to completing the year.

5.) The parents and students are responsible for obtaining all classroom materials including textbooks prior to the beginning of the semester. The teachers may bring supplies such paints, scissors, or glue. However, textbooks, workbooks, and copies are to be provided by the parents. This is in an effort to continue to offer our courses at a reasonable price.

6.) NHA aims for excellence and strives to develop independence and responsibility on the part of the middle or high school student. This is not an enrichment program. We are core with some electives to balance out our offerings. Your child will be expected to complete outside class work every school day.

7.)  We will have 2 rooms available for study hall with an adult monitor.  There will be one room for quiet studying and one room for socializing.  There will be a $25 per semester fee for each study hall.

8.) There is an expectation that there will be homework for each day of the week for each course taken, with the exception of some electives. The time investment is individual to the student. It may take a long time at first while your student adjusts to a new program, but as they learn they will move through the work at a steady pace.

Please read the FAQs page before continuing with registration.