CHEB Academic Centers

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NHA costs include:

  1. $125 per year CHEB membership fee (one per family)
  2. OPTIONAL study hall fee - $15 per child per semester for each study hall
  3. All required textbooks for each course
  4. Class tuition payable prior to the first class of each semester as determined by the CHEB board, generally 4-6 weeks prior to 
           the beginning of the semester (one per student for each class)
  •        $125 each semester for core classes (science and art classes have additional supply fees)
  •        $100 each semester for all other classes
5. Class supply fees as determined by each teacher, due on the first day of class


2022-2023 Fee Payment Schedule

What fee?
 How much?
 When is it due?
 Make payable to:
CHEB Membership
 $125 per family
 April 25, 2022
 This fee includes a $75 membership fee and $50 which is paid to Tates Creek Christian Church as a love offering.
 NHA Class Fees
Core $125
Elective $100
Fall Semester
July 1, 2022
Spring Semester
Dec. 1, 2022
 Core subjects are $125 per student/per semester. Electives are $100 per student/per semester.
 LZ Class Fees
 $15 per class/per student
$10/hour preschool
Fall Semester
July 1, 2022
Spring Semester
Dec. 1, 2022
 Each Learning Zone student will have 3 classes. These fees are paid to CHEB and are then paid out to the teachers. Please note: Preschool/Pre-K students are charged only $10/LZ hour.
 Supply Fees
(NHA and LZ)
First Day of Classes:
Aug, 15, 2022
Jan. 9, 2023
 NHA science courses will have a lab fee. Electives such as art will have a supply fee. Usually this is $25-$50 per class. LZ class fees typically run less than $20 per class. Each teacher may ask for supply fees at their own discretion. We only ask that they keep them to a minimum.
Each Teacher Individually
(PayPal preferred for LZ fees.)