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Elizabeth Lin
Recommended Grade Levels: 6-8* (9th graders welcome)

This course prepares students for the formalized study of Algebra 1. Students will be engaged in representing problem situations with symbolic expressions, functions, and equations. Students will be expected to solve one-variable equations involving the set of rational numbers efficiently and accurately. They will investigate the relationships among data, in particular linear relationships. This course serves as an introduction to modeling and solving contextualized problems through graphs, tables and symbolic representations. Students will be able to identify functions as linear or nonlinear and contrast their properties using tables, graphs and/or equations.  Students should have completed study of basic math functions and be proficient in fractions before registering for prealgebra.

Parents will be provided with an answer key for daily assignments to ensure timely feedback for students. Parents and students are expected to grade daily assignments at home and maintain homework grades. Tests will be turned in to the instructor for grading. Homework grading is available for an addition fee of $75 per student per semester.

All courses are rigorous and taught at an advanced level. Only parents and students who are comfortable working on their own should enroll.

Prerequisites: Demonstrated proficiency in basic math functions, advanced place value (including standard form, word form, expanded form and exponent form), fractions (including the 4 operations through mixed fractions, converting mixed numerals and improper fractions, comparing and ordering, and fractions on a number line), decimals (including reading and writing decimals, the 4 operations through mixed decimals, comparing and ordering, and decimals on a number line).


Holt Pre-Algebra (2008) ISBN:  978-0-030-93468-1

*Enrollment Prerequisites: pretest and/or consent of the instructor is required for admission to the course.

$125 per semester
$75 optional grading fee