CHEB Academic Centers

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. I'm considering homeschooling. What do I need to do?

Please read our "New Member Packet". Click here.

Q. What homeschooling services do you provide?

We provide enrichment and core classes depending on which academic center you choose. However, we do NOT offer complete grade level requirements for the state of Kentucky. Some courses will fulfill the requirements for that particular subject. If you're unsure, ask the individual instructor. In general, LZ (pre-k-5) provides enrichment courses only. It is ultimately your responsibility as the parent to report to the Board of Education and keep track of attendance for your students.

Q. I am unsure which academic center in which to enroll my student.

Learning Zone - is geared toward prek - elementary aged students. This center offers enrichment courses only and is volunteered based.

New Horizons Academy - is geared toward middle school and high school students who are seeking core and elective courses that are academically challenging and have a homework component.

Q. In addition to the academic centers, what services does CHB provide?

With CHB membership, you are invited to participate in organized field trips, standardized testing, and various fellowship events. You will also receive an HSLDA discount code.

Q. Do my children need to attend an academic center to join CHB?

Simply put, no. You may enjoy the membership benefits without participating in the academic centers.

Q. On your membership form, you ask for the name of the church we attend. What is the purpose of this question for a home school support group? Or, what is CHB?s denominational affiliation?

The reason we ask this question is that we want potential members to realize that we are serious about being a Christian home school group. It allows us all to have a common ground (love of God, understanding of the faith, etc.) from which to labor together to provide one another home-educating support.

Q. Are you a legal support group?

A. Home-educating support groups have no special laws that apply to them. The founders of CHB did choose to have the group legally incorporated. This may be what you mean. Incorporation is simply the form of organization we decided was best for CHB, allowing the group to act as an entity. We also chose incorporation so that we could apply for tax-exempt status if we decide to do so later on. Other than that, there is nothing special about incorporated status.

Q. I am new to home schooling. I home-educate a third grader, a first grader, and have a pre-schooler and a baby in tow. I am afraid to join your group because I am not sure I could ever spend volunteer hours. Can I join and not volunteer?

Yes, you could join and not volunteer. However, you would run the risk of not being renewed as a CHB member the following year. Don't let the requirement to volunteer deter you from joining CHB. We've all been volunteers in other organizations where if you volunteer for activity, you get loads and loads of work. With so many member families in CHB, the work is widely spread out. Also, we like for members to work together, therefore you won't be alone when you volunteer. There will be someone else with you if you have a situation where you're unsure what to do. Working together accomplishes two purposes. First, it lessens the work, and secondly, it allows you to get to know another home-schooling family. Volunteering at CHB is not that hard, and it can be very rewarding and lots of fun? REALLY!

Q. Can I just pay an extra fee instead of serving on a committee? I really just don't have the time.

No, paying an extra fee is not an option. Since we are all volunteers, there is no one to pay for doing your share. We realize that all of us go through seasons in our lives, allowing us either more or less time to volunteer. Contact any member of leadership to discuss your situation. You may be surprised that your volunteer work can be something you're already doing or had considered doing.

Q. May I write one check for all my CHB field trips and other expenses?

No, each event must normally have a separate check. This keeps the paper trail very clear in our bookkeeping. There may be specific exceptions at the Back-to-school event when one check may be written to cover multiple events at the same venue (i.e. theatre).

Q. If our family decides later on in the year that we no longer want to be members, can we get a prorated refund on our membership fee?

Generally, membership fees are nonrefundable.

Q. Does CHB offer scholarships?

No, CHB does not have the funds to offer scholarships. We try to only charge the bare minimum to meet our expenses and have no source of income other than what we collect from our members. Any CHB member, however, may choose to sponsor a family in need. Folks seeking financial assistance might consider seeking support from their extended family or their church.