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World Geography

Michelle Lavin

Let me be your students' trail guide to world geography as we blaze a trail around the world using the book Geography Matters! Students in grades 5-8th will follow their assigned trail as they learn about the five themes of geography. They will travel our world by learning the locations, cultures and peoples in all seven continents. Short daily 5-minute atlas drills and weekly mapping assignments will help students develop practical geography skills in memorization, map identification and reading, atlas usage, and research skills. Students will also complete a literature journey by reading the popular classic Around the World in 80 Days. They will create their own illustrated geography dictionary as they learn important geography terms, and create their own personal geography portfolio to help recognize important characteristics and trails of each continent. Class time will include activities and games, art projects, and culinary delights.


Required texts:

World Atlas (choose a good intermediate student atlas, ie. Rand McNally Answer Atlas)

Around the World in 80 Days, Jules Verne (2nd semester)

*Access to a good current almanac for upper level students (7th-8th)

* All reproducible maps will be provided by instructor

$125 per semester